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What do you want to see?
by dhruv666
5 years ago
5 Myths in the West About Indian Cinema

There are a lot of misconceptions about the general non-Indian public when they hear about Indian cinema. There are myths that range from Bollywood being the only film-producing industry in the country to the lack of bold scenes in the movies or lack of courageous cinema being produced. Indian cinema is surely progressing fast & here's a look at the myths in detail & how true these perceptions are, in general.

by dhruv666
5 years ago
Backache Treatments That Really Work

Back ache has been a common problem faced on a regular basis by a large population of all age groups around the world. However, since it's so common, the sufferers ignore the ailment which could cause major problems in the long run. Here we go through some of the home remedies that we can try before visiting a doctor, which may include the use of medicines, application of heat or cold, massaging, relaxation or even practice of yoga on a regular basis. If these methods don't work, then there are various sophisticated measures followed by the physicians such as the use of mechanical traction or injections to numb the pain in the concerned area.

by dhruv666
5 years ago
Best Reads of 2013

The last year saw some very good novels such as 'The Gone Girl' by Gianna Flynn, 'Longbourn' by Jo Baker and so on. Here's a retake on some of the finest literary works of the past year and I am hopeful of something very similar this year.

Travel & Places
by dhruv666
5 years ago
3 Quick Tips for the Tourist Visiting India

India is a rich country but because of the vast cultural diversity, it could pose some serious challenges to the Westerner. Firstly, PDA is a very common act in the Western countries whereas it's practice in India is a punishable offence. Then, dressing is another important point to be kept in mind which got to be proper, especially if you are a female. Also, the crooks could dupe you and hence, proper planning needs to be undertaken. I wish a fulfilling experience to every tourist.

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