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Holly Winston

Hello to all!  I am a Reg.N. and have worked for 29 years in that field my final years in management.  I must say that management is like an insane assylum.  But I survived and got out before they locked me up.  :)
I am married to a terrific guy who is a paramedic, I have two children, a son named Mike and a daughter named Jennifer.  Jennifer now has a son, making a sooper dooper happy excited Grandmother.  Her son's name is Caden and he will be 2 in November.  He is smart and already has a great sense of humor.  Something that runs in my family.  He makes me laugh all the time.
I also have two rescue dogs that are really my furry kids.  One sort of looks like a sheppard and the other sort of looks like a lab.  One is white, the other black and their personalities are the same way.  What one likes the other doesn't.  They are cute and I love them.
Now that I am retired I need something to do to keep my brain stimulated and possibly make some money one the side.  I also do just about every type of crafting ever invented.
So that's me.

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