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Sometimes I trick myself into thinking I’m pretty normal, the rest of the time I know I’m a flat-out weirdo. I love being around people but desperately need ME time often – now the time of writing is a prime example. I’m sad for what we have done and are doing to the planet, I’m a hippie at heart; I veer from optimistic for Earths future to the extreme opposite of whatever let’s just all have an epic life and Earths gonna die eventually anyways. I was schooled for left brain function though my right brain is banging on the inside of my skull for escape.  My mind works at the pace of an unborn child’s heart; I swap trains of thought mid-sentence, I asked my mum if I might have had Attention Deficit Disorder as a child – I didn’t. I love life and love being involved in stuff. Life is beautiful, we are beautiful. I strongly value manners and the importance of being nice to everyone, almost always. There is so much I want to do, if only I didn’t need to sleep…
Desiderata is my favorite poem. Those five words do me explanatory justice. Thank you for reading about me. 

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