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Edword Simpson

Edward S from San Diego is in love with technological innovations. He holds particular interest in calibration equipment. He routinely shares his knowledge on a wide array of calibration services through his articles.

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by Edword Simpson
7 years ago
Things to Remember Before Calibrating Equipment

All laboratories in schools or government and private hospitals as well as certain other institutes need to have accurate measuring equipment.

by Edword Simpson
8 years ago
Calibration of Equipment: Pipette Calibration

Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) must be kept in check for any laboratory environment. In the lab, there are some precise fluid volumes that need to be measured for dilution or transference of any kind. A pipette is the most helpful device in that regard but GLP dictates that equipment like pipette should undergo proper calibration procedures. This is why pipette calibration is a very essential step for any lab experiment or measurement procedure.

by Edword Simpson
9 years ago
Pipette Calibration: Laboratory Safety And Efficiency

Pipette Calibration is a task that can become tricky sometimes; and, if it is done by inexperienced technicians, the whole process might go wrong. In this regard, careful planning and execution of pressure calibration should be achieved in order to make any system fully functional. This factor is very important in any kind of laboratory, as it ensures that all the necessary processes (whether they include the use of pipettes or not) are going smoothly at all times.

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