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Charles Emerenwa

Charles is an entrepreneur, marketer and a new aspiring writer that loves writing short entertaining pieces that are informative and inspiring. He hopes to inspire others through his writing and often like to relate his pieces to his life journey.

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Home & Garden
by Charles Emerenwa
2 days ago
10 Innocent Looking Plants That Are Deadly

Humans are not spared from the dangers that could be lurking around the corner, thus, precaution is always the best policy. We may unintentionally expose ourselves or our loved ones if we are not careful enough. Danger can come in many forms and being educated about the possible harms and taking necessary measures to avoid the potentially harmful or deadly consequences is the best way to go. Sometimes, things may not be what it seems, hence being educated about it would be the first step. Just like this article proves that the many types of plants we see around us may not be what they seem -gorgeous and pretty on the outside but is in fact dangerous and deadly. This article seeks to educate the general public about the dangers of such plants and to take precautionary measure should you have to deal with them at some point of time.

by Charles Emerenwa
1 week ago
5 Holistic Measures to Overcome Depression

Depression or better known as major depressive disorder is a medical illness that negatively affects the way a person feel, think and act. Many think it is a taboo to speak about depression and those who suffer from it shy away from getting treatment due to the stigma attached to the illness. People suffering from depression may exhibit symptoms that can vary from mild to severe. Fortunately, the illness is treatable if proper measures are taken. This is of course, the person suffering from it is willing to open up about it and reach out to seek for help. Those who believe that they are depressed and are overwhelmed with the situation should not stay mum about it. The symptom of the illness can be reduced and the effects minimized, by taking the conscious effort to recognize, acknowledge and implement necessary measure to curb the effects of the illness from taking control over of a life. The article shares a few tips on holistic measures to overcome depression. Some of the methods shared are backed by medical research and partially from the writer's experience with the illness.

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