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I'm a German living in Greece but I read, write and think mostly in English.
I've grown up with arts & crafts, am still passionate about them, and enjoy teaching them as much as I enjoy making things. Through my family and friends, I was fortunate to get in touch with many cultures and perspectives.
In November 2014 I started a new blog, Quilting Oneness, which I see as a combination of all that I love and believe in.
Since 1989 I've been teaching adults and training teachers, mainly in the arts & crafts sector, but I have also worked with long term unemployed women of various nationalities in a "back-to-work" project. In addition, I taught German, English and Modern Greek as a foreign language.
Independent of the subjects, my personal goal was always to inspire and motivate my students, to help them overcome their limitations and discover and develop their potential - in short: to surprise them with what they could do :-)
Else, I paint, I write, and I love language. I'm fascinated by early cultures and periods of transition, such as the Stone Age, the transition Middle Ages to Renaissance, and of course the time we live in right now :-)

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