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Hurbert Michael is a young, enthusiastic, vibrant and ambitious single Man still looking for love. He is a creative thinker who sees the ‘why not’ other than ‘why’ aspect of life.
The need to share knowledge which is powerful tool to transform the world has made Hurbert a five star writer who communicates information and ideas to transform and help people of the world. He writes articles for the top paying article directories i.e.Infobarrel.com, Hubpage.com, Factoidz.com, Triond.com and Bukisa.com.
‘With only a year of posting quality and well written articles to the best five paying directories, I now earn $1000 every single month. I want to retire early before I reach 30 years’
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Socially, Hurbert is easy to be with, humorous, loving, caring, and wildly romantic. He is open to any relationship and a great woman in his life.
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