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Hello, if you’re reading this, then something I wrote must have caught your eye. I am happy you stopped by and that you are interested in finding out a little more about the author of the article that you have read. My name is John (aka HowToBear) and I am a full time Blogger/Online writer making a living using various online word-smithy.
My interests and topics on writing go all over the place, and I've found that infobarrel is a great place to earn a little extra money as I write, because it let's me write about any topic that catches my fancy.
I am sincerely pleased that you dropped by to check me out, and I thank you for your interest!

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What do you want to see?
by howtobear
8 years ago
How to fart in public

Farting while in the presence of others can be particularly embarrassing. This article will give you some advice on how to deal with such situations.

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