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Stefan Woick

A german in canada, I'm still hung-over from the cultural shock of moving overseas. 
I'm a hobby writer, and a sci-fy and fantasy fan. I love storytelling, roleplaygames, and usually never shut up when I should. 
I have an opinion about everything, and love to argue on either side of any topic.

Recent Posts

What do you want to see?
by Stefan Woick
6 years ago
My First Impressions of Apple's New Mobile System

Updates always get me excited. Here are my first thoughts after playing with Apple's new iOS 7 on my iPhone 4s.

by Stefan Woick
6 years ago
9 Things That Would Make Me Return To MMORPG

With the general decline of video game quality, I've turned my back on a long-time favourite a long time ago. Should I ever consider to return the multiplayer community, these are things I would expect to see.

by Stefan Woick
6 years ago
Childbirth - Something For Every Man

After talking to a soon-to-be father, I realized just how disconnected men might have become to the birth of their own children.

by Stefan Woick
6 years ago
My life with a Celiac

Living with someone that suffers from Celiac's disease, I've learned a few things about what it means to be truly gluten free. It's hard to be diagnosed with this disease, and it's even harder of the people around you don't understand what that really means. I have a few tips from my personal experience being in a relationship with someone who has Celiac's disease.

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