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My name is zeke,  I do not own a television so http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/ has become my daily entertainment. I have always been the kind of kid who likes to do a lot of things well, rather than spending all my time mastering one thing. I am a singer/songwriter/piano and trumpet player in a band called The Limns (check us out if you want!) and I am a carpenter, sometimes... I am in sales, I am a meditation/life coach, I am a survivalist, bushcraft explorer and I am lucky enough to also have become a Father. I love to write; to share what I have learned. I really love being a part of the change that is occurring within the Earths many populations of life. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me, I look forward to meeting you. Namaste

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Pets & Animals
by info_guru
7 years ago
Potty Training Your Pitty

A detailed description of how potty training a pit bull can be more challenging than other breeds and tried, tested and true methods for getting the job done anyway, quickly, cleanly and efficiently.

by info_guru
7 years ago
The Significance of 11 11

I talk about the significance of 11 11 in my life, and how it relates to other numbers such as 33, 9 11, and 1 2 3 4. I go over significant dates and events in history that coincide with these numbers as well as my personal experiences involving all of the above mentioned numbers.

by info_guru
7 years ago
The Art of Becoming Eternally Thankful

When you are thankful, you naturally open up to the hidden powers of the universe and they, in return, open up to you.

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