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Travel & Places
by jamieevans
7 years ago
How to travel around the world with just one bag

With all the increasing prices and decreasing weight limits on baggage for flying, as well as just not wanting to lug things around on your travels, here are a few tips on how to minimise your luggage down to one bag.

Travel & Places
by jamieevans
7 years ago
Tips on successful bartering in Thailand

When I was 22 me and a friend embarked on a backpacking tour of the world. Like many people's first backpacking trip, our first stop was south-east Asia, where I was wholly unprepared for a lot of the cultural differences I encountered. One such difference was the practice of bartering, which you simply don't get in the UK. As such, I had to think on my feet and learn the rules pretty quickly to avoid a) getting ripped off and more importantly b) causing offence.

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