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I was the first author to be highlighted in the InfoBarrel Success Stories series.  Then, the big money came and I was featured in the first ever follow up success story.  I've neared $3,000 per month just on InfoBarrel.
 InfoBarrel Author for Hire
I’m not the best writer online or even on InfoBarrel, but I know the fine details of optimal on-page SEO and LSI.  In fact, I’ve written books on both subjects.  While most seasoned writers realize there is never a guarantee any SEO methods will work each time, they also realize there are some ways to put your articles into position to earn money.   I know these methods well. 
NOTE:  Manual rewrites are available and priced at 40% off the original price, per article.  If you place an order of 3 or more articles, I will offer a small discount.
****InfoBarrel members with 10 approved, live articles will get a 10% discount****
Option 1 – Your Keywords in Your Niche
If you have a niche site or want to build an online presence in a specific area, I’m more than willing to oblige.  Please note that I reserve the right to refuse orders for any niches or keywords if I don’t feel I can do them justice.
500+ Words:  $20
1,000+ Words:  $30
Option 2 – My Choice of Niche and Keywords
Why in the world would you want to give me free range to write about anything I want to write about?  Please take a look at my earning reports for lots of great money-making reasons.
500+ Words:  $30
1,000+ Words:  $50
Payments:  I prefer payment by PayPal, but I might be willing to work out other arrangements if needed.  Installment plans and delayed payments will not be accepted.  If you’re an active member of InfoBarrel in good standing, payment can be made after the article(s) are completed.  If you’re not an active member of InfoBarrel, or you just joined, I may require upfront payment, either partial or whole, before the articles are delivered. 
Contact Information:  I prefer to be contacted via the personal messaging system on InfoBarrel, but I can also be contacted at jcmayer777@yahoo.com
NOTE:  I reserve the right to refuse any order for any reason.  If I am not comfortable with your keywords or niche, or don’t feel I can write quality articles on the subjects, I am not going to accept the order.  If I feel the niche of your choice is too saturated for the articles you purchase from me to earn, I will not accept the order.  If I am uncomfortable with the buyer, I will not accept the order.  If I cannot deliver the articles by your specified timeframes, I will not accept the order.  I would much prefer having people angry with me for not accepting an order than angry with me for receiving articles which don’t meet their expectations.  
I no longer sell keywords, but you can get niche keywords from me for free - I've even added topicspotter.com!  
Many of you know that I sold tons of keywords on sites like Fiverr and Tenerr.  You don't have to  buy them anymore or even bother with keyword research.  Just sign up under my link on TopicSpotter,  Seekyt or Wizzley.  
I'll provide you with you 5-10 keywords at a time in the niche of your choice and will continue to do so, as long as you post on the sites I refer you to.  If there are some you simply don't like or want to write about, I'll get you some different ones.  If you want to use the keywords for other sites as well, you can feel free to do so as long as you continue to post on the referred sites.  
NOTE:  If you signed up under my links before this offer was made, I'll be more than happy to honor it for you.  Just send me a PM and let me know the site and your name on that site.
I can do the same for other sites as well.  I'm experimenting with this now, but can add other sites to the mix.  Just send me a message right here on InfoBarrel before you sign up for the other sites.  
Some of you may already know that I helped author an eBook course, Info Barrel Success, with Howie (x3xsolxdierx3x).  Unlike other revenue sharing eBooks in the 30 page range, we have hundreds of pages of easy to digest and apply tips and techniques. The course was specifically designed to be understandable for a novice, but meaty enough for a pro. 
We feel we have the best, most complete eBook available on the market today, for any platform.
If you would like to check out our course, check out the link below.


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