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Biff H.

About Biff,
         I'm pretty sure the saying,"good at everything, great at nothing" is going to be on my headstone. All my life I have been told i was good at things but never felt like i cared about any of them. Then i turned 25 and decided to try to narrow it down, now coming up on 27 soon im still a boat without a sail. However one thing is clear to me now, in order for me to feel content i need to keep an objective point of view on everything in life. Whether it's breathing deeply to fight off road rage or signing petitions to help strangers I don't know, keeping myself out of the equation seems to be more beneficial to the world as a whole.
         I can't say for certain whether or not I'll ever be great at anything, but so long as i try my hardest to be content with everything....well...I can live with that.

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