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Jon Effemey

I am a middle aged Englishman living in a quiet part of England.
My main job is a Design and Technology Teacher in a Special School in London.
I try and keep an interest in just about anything.  I have travelled to most of Europe but I have been twice now to Manila.  Going half way round the world was quite a shock.  A whole different culture and way of life.
I have a strong interest in music.  Play the tenor saxophone in a Big Band.  Listen to any style of music.
Retain and interest in Art having got a degree in Fine Art.  I retain a keen interest in world politics.
I have a habit just talking all the time.  I hope this web site gives me the opportunity to look at various issues and see what happens.
We do live in "interesting times" a curse if I remember for the ancient chinese.
The web is like the American Wild West, open and crazy.  At times it seems I am in  a Philip K Dick novel or the Matrix, and expect some one to say "Mr Anderson"
However, the revolution in North Africa has been brought about largely by the web it seems.  I only hope that spirit can be develoved and not snuffed out by the usual interested parties more concerned with the constant flow of oil and other resources and less concerned if at all with the people that live there.
I have also been scammed badly on the web.  I know quite a bit about certain web sites and the interconnectedness (is there such a word?) of the world wide web.  And if I remember this has taken only 10 to 15 years  to grow into a major world medium.
I put my trust in this site and hope this is not run by a business man with an off sea bank account in the Channel Islands (take your pick).  Possibly a super nerd in a bed sit in Berlin? One of the famous yahoo yahoo boys of Lagos?  Maybe in the back woods of Alberta?  A super rich Russian with a major interest in an English Football club (not scoccer please, I am English after all). Who knows?? That is the real puzzle of the web....as this site says....am I really human?
I hope this random rant is a taste of what i might be able to deliver?

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This is my introduction to infobarrel. I like to draw on experiences and information from a wide source. I hope this article is fine and I will use this for further areas I wish to esplore. Thank you for this opportunity. I am simiply outlining some thoughts about culture in general. Patterns do remain for one generation to another through out the world.

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