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What do you want to see?
Business & Money
by jenna-loman
7 years ago
Sit Up And Take Notice: The 10 Best PR Stunts Of All Time

From Beyoncé flash mobs to bunnies running amok in a hotel, the following are some of the best ways professional PR services get us all talking about their brands. 10.  The Ibis bunnies Ibis Hotels let 40 cuddly bunnies have the run of one of their rooms,...

Business & Money
by jenna-loman
7 years ago
How To Keep Your Head Above Water When Starting Out As A Supply Teacher

For many people, a PGCE is the most stress inducing and sardine packed year they’ve ever experienced. Constant inspections, an endless list of rules and regulations to comply with, not to mention stacks of academic paperwork to boot, phew. And once you’ve jumped through hoops and passed with flying...

by jenna-loman
7 years ago
An Introduction to Alpha Glucosidase and its uses in Nature and Science

What is alpha glucosidase? Alpha glucosidase is an enzyme produced in the mammalian intestine. It is not actually secreted into the intestinal tract but rather remains bound to the lining of the small intestine where it interacts with large carbohydrate molecules taken in through the diet. Molecules such...

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