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Hello, my name is James. I am a graphic designer who also dabbles in writing and music. I heard about InfoBarrel and thought "Hey, I have something to say!". Hopefully, you find my posts interesting and insightful and not just more narcissistic ramblings from the Interweb.

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What do you want to see?
by Jimformation
6 years ago
Hockey Socks and Skate Socks, What's the difference?

A simple explanation of the difference between a skate sock and a hockey sock.

Home & Garden
by Jimformation
6 years ago
Types of Continuous Hinges

When it comes to restoring an antique chest or cabinetry or perhaps even a piano, you want to ensure that you use quality replacement parts. Choosing the most appropriate metal finishing hardware is a particularly important consideration during the planning process and can make or break your project (literally!). This...

by Jimformation
7 years ago
5 Reasons to Get a Scooter

Scooters, or mopeds as they are often called, are a great way to get around and fall into a category somewhere between a car and a bicycle. There are many reasons to get yourself a scooter but here are the top 5.

Business & Money
by Jimformation
7 years ago
How to Get a Homestay Student

That extra room in your house that you keep all your junk in right now--that could be making you money and enriching the lives of the your family. Find out how to host an international homestay and begin a mutually benficial relationship today.

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