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Jay Mich

I am a husband, dad, professional, and life long learner that loves to share. While I am new to IB and article writing for public consumption, I have been writing and educating others in a professional setting for over 12 years.
I hope to help people in meaningful ways. And I hope that I can continue to develop my writing skills to deliver quality content to people looking for information and thoughtful opinion.

Recent Posts

What do you want to see?
by Jay Mich
4 years ago
The Most Important Life Lesson Is for Babies

The most important lesson we all learn is possibly the very first one we learn as a baby. The patterns of behavior we experience from our parent teaches us very quickly about trust and security, and have profound effects on us for the reset of our lives.

Home & Garden
by Jay Mich
5 years ago
The Best Shower Accessories and Hacks

If you're ready to take your shower experience to the next level, then take a look at the following shower hacks and bathroom accessories. I've pulled together some of the highest rated shower products and my favorite tips designed to save you money and improve your shower experience.

Business & Money
by Jay Mich
5 years ago
How to Get a Promotion

Standing out from your coworkers isn't easy, but there are several things you can do right now to get you closer to that promotion.

by Jay Mich
5 years ago
Top 5 Books for Girls

Looking for novels to read or give to your child that convey strong, positive female leads? Look no further... The following is a list and review of the top 5 books for "mighty girls" that you've probably never heard of.

by Jay Mich
5 years ago
Best Chapter Books for Kids

At around five, kids start transitioning off picture books and are developing an interest and attention for deeper story lines that parents can enjoy as well. The following is a list and review of some of the best entry-level chapter books for your 5 to 10-year-old.

by Jay Mich
5 years ago
3 Ways to Avoid Ebola

With the recent Ebola outbreak around the world and in areas not familiar with the disease, many people are fearful and looking for basic information. This article provides practical advice so you can avoid and prevent Ebola virus transmission.

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