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Thanks so much for reading my article! One of my absolute passions in life is pilates... and everything health and fitness related. I have had the incredible pleasure of teaching pilates and fitness classes for 12 years and I am so inspired everytime I walk into a class filled with people ready to treat their bodies to a fabulous workout.
In the articles I write, I hope to encourage, inspire and motivate you live a healthy lifestyle filled with the many things you enjoy. For me, healthy living encompasses fitness, clean eating, good lifestyle choices, traveling the world and being with family.
Thanks again for reading... I hope to see you again soon!
With much inspiration... ashley

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by johnsoan
6 years ago
Three Ways to Reduce Stress

Stress comes in many different forms and it can creep in without you even realizing it. It may be that you are physically exhausted and feeling lethargic and don't understand why. It could be that you see physical changes such as loss of weight, weight gain, signs of aging, loss of appetite, etc. The point is that stress affects each of us differently resulting in different outcomes, consequences, symptoms, behaviors and more. But the one common denominator is that stress is destructive. It can cause negative effects to our health, our relationships our job and really every aspect of your lives.

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