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greetings and salutations to the good in all persons,
about me, i've little to say directly, but through the experience of these associations you shall come to know me quite well. i'm cautious with my actions, careful of my words, and mindful of my thoughts, indeed partial to the Oxford comma. i would describe my perspective as broad and fundamental. i seek out the principle in things subject to discernment, while recognizing the frailties of the human condition. i entertain speculations on financial, economic, and political concerns. i am applying at graduate level economic programs in Germany and should learn of the results in August. 

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What do you want to see?
by ram108
7 years ago
Seven Reasons to Discover Israel with Haifa International University

Let me tell you, in seven small snippets, how I spent my senior year with Binghamton University exploring Israel through the SUNY Albany International Program at Haifa University. The story in full is of epic proportion and depth. Complete with dub step raves, sushi bar escapades, and adventures to Jerusalem, Matsada, Jericho, Petra, and Tzfat, just to name a few. However, to adhere to the principle of brevity, I will deliver seven windows on my experience studying in Israel at Haifa International University!

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