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I'm pretty much a regular guy, who loves to write.   I graduated from Cal State University East Bay with a Business Degree over ten years ago, and have a great career in the finance industry, which I love.  I even was a banker for 5 years at a leading private bank in San Francisco. 
I've been happily married for 10 years and we have two incredidle kids that I adore.   Our home is protected by a Lemon Beagle, who I love but he also drives me crazy. 
I've decided to write on InfoBarrel for two main reasons: 
1) I'm facinated with the concept of passive income.   I love the idea that articles or blogs that I write and that readers enjoy can actually create a passive income stream for me.   What could be better than doing something I love and creating a little extra cash.   It's almost like a part time job, where I set the rules and can work as little or as much as I please.  
2) I happen to love writing.  It's  a great way for me to get my content out there and interact with people.  Before starting my blog, I would have never thought that positive comments regarding my writings could be so gratifying.  I know that I've helped people, and that's pretty cool.   I've even inspired my daughter to want to start a blog, which is great.
Besides writing, I have a passion for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  I started training in 2004 and currently hold the rank of Purple Belt under Alex Crispim of Crispim BJJ Barra Brothers:  www.crispimbjj.com 
My love forJiu Jitsu, and support from family and friends brought me to start my own blog site earlier this year:  www.jiujitsuguy.com.  The content of that site should be pretty self-explanatory, Jiu Jitsu all day long!
On infoBarrel, I plan on writing about various topics which interest me, which I hope are fun for readers.   I have plans to write two books, and possibly begin a podcast, we'll see how that goes!
Thanks for checking out my bio.   If you want to join me in this magical journey, follow me on Twitter at:  JZ_jiujitsuguy

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