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Hi there!I'm Karen but you can call me Kaz. I'm a creative thinker, artist, designer, writer and generally an ideas person that loves to try new things.
I'm relatively new at writing, but I am really enjoying it and particularly want to write on InfoBarrel reviews on books as I always have my nose in one or another and products that I come across.I've just started the long process of recovering from chronic metal poisoning. So far it's going great. I'm also hypermobile and am always looking for natural ways to improve my health and general standard of living.I love to geek out with puzzles, gaming, reading and such and love to spend the weekends with my long term partner hanging out on some online game or another or watching films munching on M&S cheese puffs (seriously you've got to try them!).I'm originally from London, now living in Kent, England and have a slightly loopy and very naughty but beautiful cat Lillybel.I could go on but I don't want to bore you! I'm sure we'll get to know each other soon through the site :PTTFN~Kaz xx
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