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Hello. My name is Bobbie Johnson. I am a writer, sometimes Consultant, and general Jill of all Trades. My main profession is writing. Being a writer is a passion. Being a writer that still believes in pens, paper, and books, I'm told is a little outdated.
I write and I'm rather good at it. I have been writing all my life but have only done so professionally for about five years. I have an extensive background in law, business administration and management, accounting and taxes, information research, and fundraising. I also possess a dabble of teaching experience, auction re-sale experience, and graphic design. These skills allow me to write about a great many topics.

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Home & Garden
by karmicwindows
8 years ago
How to Make Dried Flowers in the Microwave

Would you like to keep flowers in your home through the winter? You can do so by drying your favorite blooms in the microwave oven. Roses (including buds), geraniums, marigolds, and zinnias dry very well using this method; however, flowers like impatiens and petunias don't turn out as well.

by karmicwindows
8 years ago
Tips for a Foolproof Filing System

Eventually we grow up and leave our parents home and into our own. As time progresses and we live our lives then move on to starting our own families. During these life changing events we accumulate paperwork, whether we want to or not. Most of these papers are important and cannot be simply thrown in a box and forgotten. Creating and maintaining a functional filing system is important and, in some cases, life saving.

Travel & Places
by karmicwindows
8 years ago
6 Tips for Handling Airsickness

Many people are subject to various forms of motion sickness which can leave a traveler less than happy when it comes to moving about the planet. Here are some simple tips to help people who suffer from airsickness.

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