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I write mostly about my lifestyle and things I do. Since I live in the middle of the state forest in upstate New York on an off-the-grid homestead, I write a lot about being self-sufficient and modern homesteading. My blog, Homesteading On The Inernet is about how I do these things and more. I mostly cook from scratch and use my own home canned foods for my food supply. I believe in living a simple life and preparing for whatever emergencies or disasters that come my way.
My home is powered with solar panels and soon will be adding a wind turbine to the alternative energy system. Our system is small and affordable and I have been writing about it ever since 2008 on my site, Solar Baby. 
I work from home on the computer as this gives me the time to grow my own food every year.  I sell guitar strings online on  my website, String Baby also. Other than that, I mostly spend time with my family and my three horses, three cats and dog.
If you have any questions about an article I have written, please feel free to contact me on my blog at the contact me button.
Thank you for visiting!

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What do you want to see?
by katlupe
6 years ago
Rock Piles And Stone Structures

Numerous piles of rock, stone structures or cairns have puzzled hikers, explorers and campers for many years. What are they? What purpose did they serve?

Travel & Places
by katlupe
6 years ago
The Adirondack Park In New York

New York State is home to the largest protected wilderness area east of the Mississippi.

by katlupe
6 years ago
Buy Food In Bulk To Save Money At The Grocery Store

Buying food in bulk is not hard if you plan ahead. Picking up large sizes usually will cost more at the time you do it, but in the long run, will save money. Make a plan and follow it. Instead of running to the store every few days you will have what you need. Or deciding you want to make something and not having the ingredients needed. This way your food is bought and paid for in advance, and all you need to do, is to prepare it.

Home & Garden
by katlupe
6 years ago
Start Small If Planning To Live Off-The Grid

Lower your power bill while learning to use a small affordable solar system powering a few lights and computers.

by katlupe
6 years ago
Using A Pressure Canner To Can Your Food

Many people are afraid of using a pressure canner for canning. It is not as scary as you may think. Once you get yourself familiar with the pressure canner and use it a few times, you will easily overcome that fear.

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