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On 22ndMulago in Kampala Uganda. The boy had no name given the culture which gives the elders monopoly in choosing baby names even though these elders know the babies are not theirs or their effort. But the changing trends give liberty to parents today to call their babies all sorts of things (read names) from trees to buildings and insects without consulting the ounce ‘name naming’ monopolizing elders. A week later, the new born baby boy was taken to his grandpa (Fathers’ side) where the name Kigozi was transferred from Grandpa Mr. Kigozi Elia (God bless his soul) to the baby boy. It now became a task of the parents to choose the Christian name and Godfrey suited both parents. Later on, a baptizing ceremony took place and so Godfrey Kigozi came to be known.
My primary, secondary and institutional academic levels were generally fine. I managed to attain fairly good grades in secondary education earning myself a government sponsorship, joining the then Uganda Polytechnic Kyambogo (now Kyambogo University) were I graduated with my first Diploma in Water Engineering. Later I enrolled for a Higher Diploma in Civil Engineering at Uganda Technical College Kichwamba which I paid for myself. I was very active in sports competing in chess tournaments, captaining my class and hall of residence in soccer tournaments, and of course winning trophies. I ounce tried music, dance and drama at college but I was the worst you can watch and so not to disappoint a lot of people continuously, I pulled out. I also tried tennis and basket ball but the single court and limited equipments available at school were not encouraging amateurs like me to participate.

My first real job was in National Water and Sewerage Corporation as an Acting Superintendent of Water Structures and Buildings Maintenance. I do have fond memories of this job because it introduced me to the world of management, organized behavior, planning and most importantly leadership. It gave me the skills I have employed in so many situations in my career which leaves me indebted to my first boss, Engineer Sonko Kiwanuka who was the Area Manager then because of the support he accorded me at the time. Another thing I remember about my first real job is that I did not get it formally as someone just ‘connected’ me to the right person who knew a friend of a right person inside the corporation and before I knew it, I had a job. Before then, I informally worked in the Arab contractors, Phenix Logistics and Excel Construction is trainee supervisory positions. Currently I’m employed with an international NGO-Goal Uganda working as a Construction Supervisor for WASH activities in south eastern Uganda. It is quite soul touching visiting the rural communities and share their experiences. I have come to understand the real practical meaning of vulnerability, being in a needy situation and poverty through working in these communities. I also do practice private engineering works and do run one or two businesses in Kampala.
Warm regards to everyone who endeavors to be happy everyday without infringing on the happiness on rights of the others.
Yours sincerely,
Godfrey Kigozi.
Kampala, Uganda.


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