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K. D. Moore

I am in my mid 50's and enjoying a semi retired life with my wife and daughter. Having worked for over 40 years, incluing part time as a young teen ager. With all of those years of employment, I really only had three jobs.
My first one was working at a grocery store in Tempe Az.. Part time. Adventurally I bacame a night janitor (full time) at the same store and was finally promoted to night stalker (no, not the scarry kind). That was for a total of 4 years. The next 3 years I ran my own lawn service operating primarily in Mesa and Scottsdale Az..
For the following 30 years, I was a minor partner in a family owned business, where I learned how to repair small engines and hone in on my sales abilities. This business evolved into a rather large pawn shop. Please don't say " you mean like Pawn Stars", because no pawn shop I have ever seen is like Pawn Stars, well, except Pawn Stars. 
The store was located in Winslow Az., right next to the Navajo and Hopi reservations. I truly enjoyed working with these native american cultures. Both tribes and their people, though quite different in many respects, were a blast to work with and get to know. I learned alot from them.
Now semi retired, I am excited to pursue something I have always wanted to do, writing. So, it is my wish that by signing up with Infobarrel, this will be a start of a beautiful friendship.

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