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Home & Garden
by labecker
4 years ago
Biggest Mistakes of First Time Renters

Hunting for your first apartment can be an exiting experience, but you want to be prepared. You may be nervous that your application will be rejected, but just know there are many possibilities for your living situation, you will always have other options. If you do get that exiting news that your application has been accepted, there are some things you should consider before signing a rental agreement.

Travel & Places
by labecker
4 years ago
6 Reasons Not to Move to Portland

Portland Oregon has become a popular destination. People are flocking to the modest city full of hipsters and a reputation for being weird. Although Portland has become somewhat of a mecca for wanderers, the overflow of newcomers is causing a formally small-scale city to become overcrowded. This is a short summary of a why moving to Portland may not be the best idea.

by labecker
4 years ago
The Problem With American Voters

America has entered a new age, where voting is more streamline and more accessible than ever. Unfortunately the voting population is lacking in both numbers and in diversity. Those who either do not vote at all, or vote without educating themselves are causing our democracy to loose credibility. It is time to take information out of the hands of media, money driven campaigns, and bias propaganda and create an empowered and educated voting population.

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