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A learner first. Educator (MEd), librarian (MLIS), recovering grammarian, future trend & tech obsessed, digital learning and educational publishing leader.

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Business & Money
by Anonymous
4 years ago
What Customers Want From Your Sales Meeting: Dialogue (Part 2 of 2)

The greatest opportunity presented by a face-to-face meeting with your customer is engaging in meaningful dialogue. A dialogue is a two-way conversation that gives you the ability to ask insightful questions and draw out your customer needs. Despite the basic nature of this interpersonal interaction, it's amazing how many business development representatives monopolize the conversation, fail to listen, and focus on covering every feature and benefit of their products or services, leaving their customers to make the leap and connect these benefits to their own needs. It doesn't have to be this way!

Business & Money
by Anonymous
4 years ago
What Customers Want From Your Sales Meeting: Preparation (Part 1 of 2)

While the fundamentals of sales relationships may seem self-evident, many business development representatives continue to diverge from appropriate behaviour in sales meetings with customers, with negative consequences for their results. This article provides insight into the customer's point of view to help you prepare for a successful customer interaction.

Business & Money
by Anonymous
4 years ago
Improve Your Projects With a RACI Matrix

In managing a project, it's common to use a project plan, critical path, or a list of key tasks with an indication of who is doing what by when. To take the management of your project to the next level without adding additional complexity, consider making a RACI matrix.

by Anonymous
5 years ago
Boost Your Memory by Getting into Motion

Want improve your memory and your ability to learn? Get out of your chair! The ability to learn and recall information is controlled by the same part of your brain that controls movement. If you want to improve your memory, you need to get into motion.

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