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      About me.. well i'd say I am the BEST person I know.  This might be because I know myself the best.  I am charismatic and can get along with almost anyone.  I am very good natured and always try and think on the bright side of life because if you look on the dark side you can't see nothing. 
      I am quite spiritual and believe in creating your own reality.  This is why I really try and think POSITIVE!!  I love the outdoors and going hiking, camping, fishing and swimming.  My favourite workout of all would be dancing.  Traveling is my drug.  Whenever I travel I am high on life.  Other than that I don't touch the stuff. 
      I can be a good listener when i'm listening!  No really sometimes you just have to make sure I am paying attention!  I can be the life of the party or I can sit in the corner and observe.  I am quite versatile and take what comes in life and I deal with it.  I believe if something doesn't work out then something better is on its way!

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