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I am a shadow in the night, a ray in the light.  What I say is not forgotten, and what I do is always remembered, yet no one knows who I am.  I'm opinionated, and stubborn, although I always keep an open mind with common sense as my guide.  I do not have all the answers, but I have an answer for you.   You should only take my advice if it fits, because I can only speak for myself; from my own experiences.   I am no one special, but I'm special to someone.  I am no one important, but I am important to someone.  I have power over people, and the ability to control, and lead them, but against myself I am weak.  In myself I am lost.  I'm shy.  I'm a kid.  Don't call me Mr. or sir, or a man.  I love being a kid.  I love to play.  I am immature in a good way.  I'm an American by birth, Irish by blood, and Filipino by soul.  I love entertaining.  I love to see people smile, and laugh.  I love the people who care about others, more than the things they have.  My name is Michael.  I came to slay the dragon. 

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