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Luke Lam

I'm an hi-tech geek who also loves low-tech tools.  I think it's sad that schools are stopping teaching cursive because a pen & pad is still a very powerful tool and cursive is the quickest way to write.  That and it's just so beautiful to see and touch written words on papers.
I'm also a daddy to my 2 kids who loves to play "Angry Daddy" with me.  The game goes something like this.  They pretend to do something naughty, I pretend to get mad and chase them down.  It usually ends up in a big pile of tickling and giggling kids, pillows and blankets.
Don't be shy, say hi!  hit me up !

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What do you want to see?
by Luke Lam
6 years ago
Berkeley Data Analytics Stack (BDAS) explained

Berkeley Data Analytics Stack (BDAS) is an open-source data analytics stack for complex computations on massive dataset (big data) which supports efficient, large-scale in-memory (RAM) data processing, and allows users and applications to trade between query accuracy, time, and cost.

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