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I'm Manda and I am a stay at home mom from NC. I have an awesomely smart, gifted, talented, creative, passionate eight year old little boy, an amazingly skilled, understanding and tolerating husband, and one adorable, beautiful, cuddly, slightly pchyco highland lynx cat and also way too, too, too, too, too much time on my hands and a zillion different things going on in my mind every second. My friends say that they can't keep up with me, I don't really know if that's good or bad, but any way, I enjoy writing tips, facts, stories and articles about life, health, beauty, parenting, HTML, blogging, crafts, DIY, freelance writing, mental health and whatever else is going on with me for the day on my blog, 'Manda Blogs About... . I say, "for the day," because I have ADHD, OCD, PTSD, social anxiety, bipolar and borderline personality disorders and I tend to be all over the place at any given minute. I was first diagnosed 14 years ago with bipolar and I picked up the other diagnoses over the years. I have another blog, Bipolar Cocktail, that is about my disorders, medication, symptoms, therapy and everyhting else about mental illnesses. I am 28 now but 29 is right around the corner. It's not a big deal though because I get carded to buy rated 'R' DVD's and even goldfish at the pet store! People think my son is my little brother some times, I'm only 4'11 inches tall. Any way,  I have skills and knowledge on many different subjects because I just can't seem to decide what I would really like to do and stick with it. (This is where the understanding and tolerating husband comes in). I just do a little bit of this and that and take some classes on a certain subject then move on to something new and read three or four books on the new subject then I go back to something I was thinking about doing last week or even two years ago. I'm an artist and a writer and I love to create things, anything from a custom hardwood flooring design, (I spent many years doing hardwood flooring for my parents company), to a jewelry box, table or maybe a new chore chart, (you should see the first one I made out of Brazilian Cherry wood)! I really enjoy art, making things and writing, especially with my creative little boy. I also have a thing for music, all music is great but I really like rap and classical, super especially when the two are mixed together, I LOVE IT! I played the viola for a few years and I TRIED to teach myself how to play the drums last year but it didn't work out fast enough for my husband and he just couldn't bare it any longer. I came home one day and the drums were just gone! I can still jam out on Rock Band though. I guess that's about it, thank you very much if you actually read all of this. I am trying to get my blogs out there but also, I'm just looking for some other cool women to hang out with online.

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