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A writer,  avid reader.  Love social justice advocacy, missions, cooking, traveling, learning.   Farm wife, mother, christian.  Interests include all of the above and love writing, writing, and writing.  Of course, I love my family and church and country.  Love to sing, especially at church.  Like volunteering at church and Soup Kitchen.  I want to put a dedicated mission purpose  and a song in people's hearts.  I want to climb a spiritual mountain on this physical earth, and I want people to climb it with me.  I want to write into people's hearts and take their breath away!

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What do you want to see?
by mariarosa
9 years ago
Dog Eats And Home-Made Treats In A Dog-Eat-Dog Economy

Noticing all the spate of foreclosures and pets up for adoption in the local paper; this practical Plan has been set forth to help keep pets at home where they belong with their beloved owners.

by mariarosa
9 years ago
Funding Your Dreams With "Lucky Money"

THE 'LUCKY MONEY' Method Tired of the ratrace, and never having enough money to go around. A tried and true self-help Method. Never be without cash again. Learn to live this Method, and the 'Lucky Money' will come to you. This is not magic. This is a simple, fail-proof, honest, and fun way to stay afloat in a challenging economy. Be consistent and true to the Method, and you have a new way of living, and finally having something for yourself, and your future.

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