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Matty Davis

I've been building websites for the past 10 years.   I work for myself and would like to think I've become pretty skilled at getting things done and being productive.

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What do you want to see?
by Matty Davis
7 years ago
5 Reasons Why Macs are Better for Developers

I used to be a die-hard windows user. My first computer was a Windows PC and I loved it.  Back then, all I used to use my PC for was playing games and messing around on the internet.   A few years ago I made the switch from...

Travel & Places
by Matty Davis
7 years ago
How to Travel and Actually Enjoy It

Travel, in of itself, won't change your life. You can't simply pack your bags, fly away to an exotic location and expect to come back a changed person. It doesn't work like that. Too often, have I come across backpackers and tourists, racing around from one landmark to another. Trying to squeeze as much as they possibly can into each and every day. But they never stop to ask themselves - why? Why are they travelling? What do they stand to gain from the experience?

Travel & Places
by Matty Davis
7 years ago
The Secret Travel Tool that will Make You a Packing Pro

How good are you at packing a bag?  After many years on the road, I’ve managed to refine packing my bag into somewhat of an artform.  And there’s one tool that I use, that very few people seem to have heard or, let alone have used.  Yet it makes...

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