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We live in a wonderful and interesting world. Most of the time we are so busy trying to survive that we forget how rewarding and enriching is the exploration of this universe. I'm always in search of new information, especially if it's about a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, exercise,  self-development strategies, goals and positive attitude. I also enjoy reading and writing about pets, especially cats! After decorating all by myself a few apartments, I started to get involved in home decoration and interior design related topics.I like to learn more about these and other subjects and also to share my own thoughts - I hope that some of them will be helpful!

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What do you want to see?
by miragerainy
6 years ago
Breathalyzers Can Help

Driving under the influence of alcohol can be extremely dangerous - both to you and other drivers. That's why it's wise to carry a breathalyzer with you if you plan to have a couple of drinks and then drive. By detecting the alcohol levels in your blood, the breathalyzer can dramatically increase the road safety by preventing drunk people from driving.

Travel & Places
by miragerainy
7 years ago
Enjoying the Exquisite Atmosphere of Captiva Island in an Unforgettable Vacation

Famous for its captivating history, its beautiful landscapes and its welcoming warm climate, Captiva Island is a perfect choice for those who are planning an unforgettable vacation.

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