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I work full time from home and have a passion for couponing, ancient myths, and beauty.
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What do you want to see?
by mocha
8 years ago
Banding Machine Benefits for Small to Mid Sized Businesses

There are many ways that a banding machine can help to improve the way your final product is shown to the world. Here are a few ways to incorporate or update your current banding process.

Business & Money
by mocha
9 years ago
Getting a Small Business Loan

Without working capital the best business idea in the world, may not be able to get off your kitchen table. Here are some tips that can help move you closer towards your small business or online business goals.

Business & Money
by mocha
9 years ago
Tips on Making Basic Investment Decisions

Most Americans are working one or multiple jobs to make ends meet. Many people don't like to think about what will happen if they are ever unable to go to work. Here are some thoughts on getting started investing.

Business & Money
by mocha
9 years ago
How to Find the Best Car Insurance Rates

Rising gas prices in America are reaching five dollars per gallon. Reducing additional transportation related costs is one way to come out on top. Here are some ways to reduce car insurance rates.

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