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Several years back I was working in the recruiting industry, recruiting for high end medical R&D scientists who were originating out of Europe and Asia.  On numerous occasions I would have these folks ask me about career advice on such topics as: 

how do I find a job in my area of specialty in the San Diego area,
my current employer seems to not recognize my contributions- how can I become more visible to my employers,
my resume seems to be too long, can you take a look at it and give me some pointers to make it polished and have greater impact on the reader,
what steps should I take to change the direction of my career and focus on becoming a manager and step away from the technical side of my business….
When I had a co-worker approach me and offer to pay me for giving her advice on how to establish a more aggressive “career path” for herself I realized that I could be a resource for people looking to move forward in their respective careers.
A year later I was running a program that offered career services to people who were financially disadvantaged.  I was teaching these folks everything from resume preparation, interview techniques, and job search strategies to establishing a long term plan for career growth.  This program was such a success that the Governor of Hawaii visited our offices and congratulated our team for its success and positive impact on the individuals that had gone through our program.
So, keep reading and let’s see how we can help you find your ideal career opportunity!
Dave La Shier        http://www.get-employed.org

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