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Greta Green

A literary engineer with experience in skincare and space science, Greta lives in the US and travels through Europe, on a perpetual quest to keep life interesting. 

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What do you want to see?
by Greta Green
8 years ago
Space Startups: Entrepreneurs Who Just Might Change the World

Losing track of all the space startups popping up every few weeks? Here's a review of companies to watch. Catch up on the past year of space initiatives and get inspired to do some space exploring yourself!

by Greta Green
8 years ago
Space Agencies of the World

Still think NASA is the only space agency around? Learn about these top space agencies around the world and why you may be hearing more from them in the future.

by Greta Green
8 years ago
Climate Change - What's a Private Citizen To Do?

Think climate change is a problem but don't know what to do about? You're not alone. Here are some steps you can take right now to turn the ship around. But I never said it'd be easy....

by Greta Green
8 years ago
Old Fashioned Skincare Remedy Saves Your Skin and Your Wallet

Spending a fortune on skincare products? This old fashioned remedy can save your skin and your wallet. So next time you visit the drugstore, you won't need to spend hours staring at lotions and potions trying to decipher which pricey bottle will actually work for you. Improve your skin's health will this simple regimen.

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