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Goodness!  I am so humbled and inspired by all of the wonderful sharing folks here on Infobarrel.  Everyone's open, honest and quality content is by far the best of any similar site I've ever visited.  Thank you to everyone here for helping to grow all of us into better writers.  I am so looking forward to being an active contributing member to the community.
As far as who I am and my background, I don't think it's nearly as important as who I want to grow into.  One of my goals is to use Infobarrel as a resource for improving my writing and communication skills.  But okay, a small bit on me... my wife and I have raised three wonderful children, the youngest of which is still in college and the other two are out in the world after college and discovering all the wonderful offerings of life.  My early years career was one of a mechanical engineer, but after nine years began a career of small business and financial counseling.  This has progressed into a small tax and accounting practice which has paid our way for the past twenty five years.  Passions include so many things; reading, writing, fishing, gardening, having fun, being outdoors, traveling and oh so many more things.  I think because I like so many things I've never become really great at any one of them, but one of my goals is to hone writing into one of the things that I can become good at.  And again, my thank you goes to all of you for sharing your gift of writing thereby allowing me to learn from your talent.  Thanks again!

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Add a pergola to your deck. If I'd known how easy it was to add a pergola to our deck I'd have built it years ago! Hopefully you'll glean some ideas from here on how to design and build your own.

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