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I have an engineering background by profession but I have always wanted to write as well. I have done some creative as well as other types of writing before. InfoBarrel is currently my sole preoccupation writing online. I do have what I consider a virtue of being interested in a wide array of subjects, and I do not mind doing research-including on the internet-to write quality material useful for others and that would help save their time if they were looking for information, advice or just amusement. True incentives do go a long way beyond purely that of monetization(though of course we would all want to monetize). I look forward to getting much satisfaction from this endeavour. Thanks to all.  
I would urge anyone out there to pursue your desire for writing through InfoBarrel

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What do you want to see?
by Naxem
6 years ago
10 Things You Should Not Do To Your Child

A Quick List of Ten Things Parents or Caregivers Should Not be Doing To Their Children in Order for Them To Grow Up Healthy in Mind and Body

by Naxem
6 years ago
Taking Failure From Inside Out

The article is a straightforward look at little or large failures that happen again and again in our lives. Once and for all we can take a step in the opposite direction by learning from them, i.e. starting from our minds, to observe what we fell short of that caused the failure rather than what failed us out there. Encourages true accountability, problem-solving and positive thinking.

by Naxem
6 years ago
Between Real Cinnamon and Cassia

Here is a quick comparison of the two main varieties of the commercial spice cinnamon including their identification as well as health and culinary benefits.

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