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I like to learn about different things to improve my life, it can be in new technology or about self developement... I love travelling and understanding new cultures and so much interested in breaking sterotypes.....
I would be writing about the things which I will learn most probably from different websites or from books, and will share them in form of my article in here so every one can get from them.

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What do you want to see?
by new-trends
8 years ago
Youtube History and Facts

I was reading about Youtube and the creation of YouTube is quite fascinating to me, so just sharing it.

Business & Money
by new-trends
8 years ago
How to select Keywords for Google Adsense

Let us consider Google AdSense to generate revenue on the internet, it is important to choose the right keywords or phrases, it will enable you to generate income for each click on an AdSense ad. What exactly is a keyword or a key phrase? A keyword or a key...

by new-trends
8 years ago
Simple Tips to have a Better Life

A person’s mind likes to be challenged to its boundaries. It wants to obtain unachievable challenges. A person’s imagination expands when it’s being forced either physically or mentally. The idea anticipates truly what most of us certainly not even aware of or experienced. A person’s mental abilities are...

by new-trends
8 years ago
Dating Tips

I wanted to write some tips about dating which helped me a lot in my dating life. I hope some people can relate to that and it will help guys to have better dating life.

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