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I'm completing high school this year. I've always been a great student and it's mostly because I really enjoy reading, so I decided I might as well just share any interesting any interesting stuff I read from now on (and win some money in the process, that's always a bonus). Many of my articles will contain a little humor, much like those in Cracked, because I don't enjoy writing something totally serious and dull... but sometimes I won't come up with any joke; you are free to help.
You should know: Whenever I get really get interested in something, I research for days; anything I write will contain information that I consider to be true or very accurate based on my research. 
I have a passion for music and science, but I also read a lot about and healthy foods and their properties... sometimes their history too. So, everyone, you can expect many articles about guitar, physics, and vegetables from me ha, ha.
As much as I didn't think I did some years ago, truth is I really enjoy giving advice to people and getting them in "the path to enlightenment" (I am an atheist, just in case that misleadead)... okay, in the right path. I also appreciate any good advice given to me of course. 

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