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My name is Ben T. Elio, an animator and artist living in Denton Texas with my wife Lara and our dog Dax (short for Daxamus).  
First and foremost I am a Christian. Raised in a Roman Catholic home, I would eventually become a reformed protestant Christian. At the ripe age of 21 years old, I cursed God for the first time in my life. The weeks following, I came to truly understand who Jesus really is, and what he did for us. It was the moment God changed my heart. From then on, I sought to know Him and please Him. I'm involved in our local church, but more importantly I hold the Gospel close to my chest. This will turn many people off, which I am aware of fully. But our beliefs about God, regardless of what they are, define our life views and impact how we act. I want people to hold me accountable to my beliefs, and question me when they feel inclined.   
Lara and I met in college, and after dating for 18 months, I asked her to marry me.  Her family from Houston Texas and my own from Asheville North Carolina, we sought to live in the "middle," staying in Savannah GA for 2 years.  Recently, Lara enrolled in graduate school at the University of North Texas, prompting us to pack up the carriage and tote our lives across the country to little Denton Texas.  Dax has been my dog for 8 years now, himself being 9 years old.  He's a jack Russel/ rat terrier/ fox terrier mixup.  We're not really sure, and we don't really care that much. We love him.  
I've freelanced for a year now, doing illustration and animation work for various clients across north Texas and around the U.S.  I studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design, earning a BFA in Animation, with a Minor in Drawing.  My passion is the traditional art of drawing. It's something I have pursued since I was a child.  Like most kids with a pencil, I find it extremely satisfying to create.  Unlike most kids with a pencil, I kept developing those skills, and eventually dedicated my ambitions towards a career in the arts.  Storytelling I think goes hand in hand with all artistic fields.  My particular interests are in telling stories visually with animation.  Something about the whimsical nature of cartoons, which always seek believability before being realistic, is great appealing to me. 
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