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We are teenage sisters very close in age who love beauty products and organization.  We try to collect products, both popular and nearly unheard of, from a wide range of companies.  One of us aspires to be a dermatologist in the future, and the other has very stubborn skin, so we look for products that improve skin quality, texture, and appearance over time.  We also try a variety of hair products and we have totally different hair types, so our products range from heavy duty curl tamers to lightweight serums.  Because we are both very busy, we attempt to keep our living space clean and organized as well, keeping in mind that we are human :]  One of us is an avid listmaker, and believes that is the key to organization in all aspects of her life.
We are exactly what our name implies; we try our best to give the most accurate descriptions of the products' results...if it really doesn't work, we will tell you!

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What do you want to see?
by onlyspeakthetruth
7 years ago
Tips for Healthy Summer Skin

Reminiscing about a few summers ago.I sat at the side of a resort pool, and as I applied my SPF 50 in liberal amounts, I gazed at the middle-aged woman next to me with devastatingly damaged skin. A bottle of tanning oil stood on the small table in between her and I, and I cringed. Then another woman, of about the same age.or she could have been her mother, I'm not sure, sat down and began applying the oil to her leathery, cracked, aged skin. I moved the umbrella to provide more shade for myself, as they clearly would not miss it.

by onlyspeakthetruth
7 years ago
Get Healthy and Fit for Summer!

Maybe you've been following a New Year's Resolution to get healthier but the Easter holidays have thrown you off track, or maybe you just realized that summer is fast approaching and you aren't quite "bikini-ready". Either way, we could all use some helpful tips to kick start our health and fitness goals. I strongly believe that diet and exercise go hand in hand, so I'll go through some tips for both.

by onlyspeakthetruth
7 years ago
How to Have Good Laundry Habits!

You don't have to be a housewife to benefit from good laundry habits! It's annoying trying to figure out what clothes are clean for you to wear every day when you're not sure when you last did a load of laundry, what items are in what basket, and which basket has clean clothes and which has dirty clothes. So here are some tips!

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