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What do you want to see?
by perio
9 years ago
How Do You Trap An Opossum?

I have had a problem with raccoons, opossum, skunks and woodchucks. I began live trapping and so far I have caught 12 raccoons, 9 opossum, 2 skunks and 1 woodchuck.

by perio
9 years ago
Home Canned Tomatoes Are The Best

Step-by-step instructions how to can tomatoes.

by perio
10 years ago
How To Cook a Turkey in an Electric Roaster

Every Thanksgiving and Christmas I have cooked Tom Turkey in the oven using an oven bag. This heats up the kitchen and I am a melted mess by the time guests arrive! Last year I was commenting (complaining) about my demise and a friend of mine suggested...

by perio
8 years ago
How To Make A Really Great Roast Beef Omelet

How to cook a quick and delicous roast beef omelet with swiss cheese and mushrooms.

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