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Middle school teacher taking a break to travel around the world. Currently dancing through West Africa!

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What do you want to see?
by philpaol
8 years ago
How to Pick the Best Sunscreen

This article contains tips and advice for finding the best sunscreen. It looks at the differences between natural and chemical sunscreens as well as the ideal value for a sunscreen's sun protection factor (SPF)

by philpaol
9 years ago
Different Ways to Deal with Male Pattern Baldness

Many men will suffer from some amount of male pattern baldness during their life time. There are numerous ways for dealing with hair loss, all of them with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Travel & Places
by philpaol
9 years ago
Budget Travel Tips

Many people assume that travel has to be an expensive endeavor if it is to be enjoyed. It is possible, however, to enjoy your travels without spending significant amounts of money.

Travel & Places
by philpaol
9 years ago
Different Ways to Treat and Purify Water

Many travel destinations have unsafe drinking water. Fortunately, there are many different options for treating and purifying water.

by philpaol
9 years ago
How to Keep Your Most Important Personal Items Safe when Traveling

This article describes ways to keep your most important personal items safe when traveling. These items include things like your cash, passport, and credit cards.

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