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I am embarking upon new life adventures. I like to believe that the previous "me" had experienced many adventures and had gained many insights and perspectives that are itching to be shared with anyone willing to learn. 
Recently my life changed in unexpected ways. I started a new life with a smile and a heart full of hope.  
I want to share my learning experiences, gained perspectives, thoughts, quesitons, step 1 of___ of my journey, among other things. 
Some characteristics about me: I am easy going, ready to laugh and smile, and have been described as effervescent. I am very much a Cancer (zodiac). My interests include exploring the world, volunteering, nature, DIYs, animals--especially cats!, always learning something new, and keeping my mind and heart open for something interesting to come my way. 

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What do you want to see?
by quirkofthemind
6 years ago
The Importance of Phytochemicals

The word "phytochemical" (can also be called phytonutrient) sounds like a big and scary word. As if you should turn around and run in the opposite direction as fast as you can. Actually, it is one of the best things for you! So instead, be running towards it as quickly as you can!

by quirkofthemind
6 years ago
Why It Is Easy to Become A Vegetarian

You might have heard of this dietary lifestyle many times by now. You might even know someone or worked with someone who is a vegetarian. While we live within a society that loves its meat here in the U.S., it is becoming surprisingly easy to become a vegetarian. Though this article only broadly demonstrates how to be a vegetarian, it will certainly provide convincing reasons as to why it is easy! Whether outside your home or at your dinner table, the options for great vegetarian meals are out there!

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