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What do you want to see?
Business & Money
by ralthiel1983
8 years ago
Advantages and Disadvantages of working night shift

What's it like working night shift for a living? Working all night and sleeping during the day has it's benefits, but also has drawbacks and I'll cover both in this article.

by ralthiel1983
8 years ago
Mars is dead, or is it?

Mars if often though of as cold, barren and devoid of life. This article takes a comprehensive look at scientific evidence gathered in recent years that supports the possibility of active bacterial life on Mars.

Home & Garden
by ralthiel1983
8 years ago
Ways to save money on your electricity and heating bill

Money is tight for everyone these days, and this guide will explain ways that you can save some money on your electricity and heating bill every month.

Pets & Animals
by ralthiel1983
8 years ago
How to give a Cat a pill

Have you ever tried to give your cat a pill? It can be a very challenging experience. Cats tend to not be the most cooperative patients, this article will explore the various ways you can give your cat it's medicine and figure out which one works the best.

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