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Hey all, I'm excited to begin writing for Infobarrel.  I'll be writing about all sorts of esoteric topics but my main interests probably lie in philosophy, history, and literature.  I also have a background in finance and accounting.

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Business & Money
by ramblinman
8 years ago
The Pros of a Flat Tax System

A flat tax system usually refers to a taxation system in which a constant marginal tax rate is applied to all income. This contrasts with a progressive rate system that employs tax brackets so that higher income earners pay more tax. There are certainly a number of pros to the flat tax system that are worth considering.

by ramblinman
8 years ago
How to Get Rid of Intrusive Thoughts

Most of us have at one point or another have had the experience of having unwanted thoughts, and tried unsuccessfully for some time to get rid of those intrusive thoughts. For some reason, they stick in your head for days, weeks, and maybe even months. Why does this happen and what can an afflicted person do about it?

by ramblinman
8 years ago
Song Meanings - "Forty Six & 2" by Tool

The meaning of the song "Forty Six & 2" by the progressive rock band Tool

by ramblinman
8 years ago
How to Study and Prepare for a Standardized Test

The most efficient and effective way to study and prepare for a standardized test may not be traditional methods taught in grade school.  Teachers will advocate that students use a proactive approach to study and understand the material from a theoretical basis before taking the test.  Techniques may include...

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