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I am a computer expert, I love all kind of sports and enjoy adventurous activities.

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What do you want to see?
by Asterix
4 years ago
Best Free Antivirus

If you are running a windows PC, antivirus software is a MUST these days. There are dozens of free or paid antivirus software's on the market. Which one to choose can be a daunting task. Their functionality is pretty much the same, they are all scanning your computer files. This is done by comparing a so called "virus signatures" (small amount of code extracted from the already recognized viruses) with your files. If your file contains a virus it will match a signature and the antivirus will give a signal for the infections . The antivirus companies are working around the clock in order to keep their signature databases updated, so that they can immediately recognize and neutralize all new viruses. According to statistic of major antivirus companies like Symantec, Kaspersky and others, we have more than 100 000 new variation of viruses on a daily basis.

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