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Hello everyone! I have been doing some writing on the side since I graduated ASU in 2011 and have found my way to IB through reading other people's experiences. So far I have enjoyed my time here getting a handle on the different ways to expand my writing style and skills. I currently write under the pen names of rjwatters3 or H2OS3 depending on the mood I am in.
During the day I do marketing for a travel agency and I use writing as somewhat of a release from that. I do have a niche travel site I am working on slowly reviewing all of the different cruise lines. Hopefully I can learn a lot from the community here and grow my article base with some interesting stories.
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List of articles chosen as front page feature:
College Traditions: 15 Quirky College Traditions You Never Knew About
Detoxify With a Juice Fast
Here is a list of some of my favorite articles:
Space Tourism: A New Way to Travel
10-Day Juice Fast Plan for Quick Weight Loss
Movember Style Guide

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Space Tourism: A New Way To Travel

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